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Are you in need of a top-notch marketer for your business, but dreading the thought of going through the long and tedious process of finding and hiring the right person? Look no further, because Hemon Staffing is here to help!

It's True! Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Hiring a Full-Time Marketer with Hemon Staffing

From the Desk of Ashton Shanks
CEO of Hemon Media & Hemon Staffing

Dear Business Owner,

Hiring a marketer can be a long, tedious, and pain-staking process.

From posting job ads to sifting through resumes and conducting interviews, it can take a significant amount of time and effort to find the right person for the role. 

And, even after all that, there is always the risk of hiring someone who isn't a good fit for your business, which can end up costing your business thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend, wasted hours of onboarding, and even more in lost opportunity (SALES) 

Hiring the right marketer for your company is SO important.

A marketing expert, in many companies, is the person who's investing the largest portion of a company's capital every month...(ad spend budgets)

Whether that be on Facebook, Google, Youtube, TikTok, etc...

The marketer is responsible for managing and optimizing your advertising campaigns. They play a crucial role in your business's success, and a bad hire can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities

...not to mention a MOUNTAIN of stress that comes whenever you have a underperforming marketer that cannot help the company meet it's sales & revenue targets...

A good marketer will have the skills and knowledge to create and manage effective advertising campaigns, as well as the ability to analyze data and make informed decisions about your advertising strategy.

And that's where we come in.

Hiring Bad Marketers
Almost Killed My Business... 

I'll tell you a bit more about who I am and my background in a minute but...

When I started my ad agency, Hemon Media, our problem was never trying to sign new clients...

My reputation as a marketer and direct response advertiser generating incredible results for my clients allowed us to have a steady flow of new businesses wanting to work with us...

But I quickly realized that my agency's growth & revenue would be capped unless I could grow a highly skilled team to fulfill on all the demand my agency had... that or I would have to be okay working 100+ hours a week doing the work myself. 

So I quickly began to scour the internet in search of great and talented marketers to join my team

I did all the usual tactics...

Posted on job boards, indeed, LinkedIn, asked my friends for referrals, etc

I also started offering much higher salary ranges (well above industry averages) because I figured I would be able to attract the top-talents from other ad agencies...

The result?

I did manage to recruit Sr-level media buyers from some very large agencies (each with 6-figure+ salaries) to come work for me...

But this experience quickly confirmed a large issue that I had been experiencing over and over again

An issue you most likely have experienced as well if you're reading this...  

Today's Marketers Have Been Trained to Spend Money,
Not Generate It 

I found that even the marketers that would be considered "top-tier" by most all considerations seemed to struggle with thinking beyond just pushing buttons in the ad manager...

While they may know some advanced media buying strategies and creative testing processes they still lacked the insight, education, and ability to think like a business owner, and frankly as a marketer.

Which for my agency, that prides itself as a boutique direct-response ad agency that delivers the best results in the industry for our clients, I had to find a way to ensure everyone on my team was not just a mere button pusher but rather a...

Full Stack, Sophisticated SAVAGE Marketers

A team of marketer-first-media-buyer-second strategists who could think as a business owner, a marketer, and a marketer in order to produce the best possible results for our clients...

Marketers who...

Didn't need their hand held.
Didn't need me to keep watch over their shoulders.

and didn't choke under pressure when problems arose or there was a big promotion coming up that needed to scale large budgets...

Thus began my journey to realizing the best marketers in the world are not found, they're built.

What If You Could
“Skip the Line" and Instantly Access a Pool of Battle-Tested Marketers Hungry to Generate Your Business Revenue?

In today's mostly work-from-home work environments, top tier media buying talent can be hard to come by...

 Relying on platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, or Facebook Job Boards to fill your media buying role can be straight up FRUSTRATING...

It usually ends in your screening dozens of applications only to find that most applicants barely have the experience you need OR  you find yourself trying to figure out whether or not the marketer is as good as they say they are...

At Hemon Staffing, we sift through 100+ applications and conduct approximately 25+ interviews per week. 

We're constantly adding top-tier marketers to our talent pool that are hungry to connect with driven business owners like you who are in need of expert marketers that don't need hand-holding...

As a client of Hemon Staffing, we hand select marketers that match not only your skill requirements but also marketers that are tested to match your company culture! #Prevetted

We Don't Just Place Marketers. We Develop Full-Stack Marketers.

My name is Ashton Shanks, and I’m a marketer, agency owner, and direct response ad trainer. My career has been built on two things... 

1. Developing mastery in direct response advertising on platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube, & TikTok to produce incredible results for my clients at Hemon Media (my agency)

2. Finding & training other marketers to become world-class.

The combination of these two things is the reason I've been able to grow and scale my agency to managing over $30MM in ad spend in just the last 12 months...

In the last 12 months, I've also trained over 200+ marketers... 

and in my time hiring, firing, and developing marketeres for both my and my client's businesses, I've discovered one unavoidable truth...

Most social media marketers you see today don't really know marketing...

They've been taught to just think like, well "media buyers"


People resigned to ask "how do I hack the algorithm" or "l'll just let the algorithm optimize for a few days and hope for the best" 

Rather than thinking like a marketer and ensuring that YOUR business and offer are positioned in the BEST way possible

Consistently doing market research
Consistently iterating on testing & messaging

And this, above all else, is the #1 problem I see in businesses who's ad campaigns seem to be trending, in the WRONG direction! 

Every Marketer Comes with 10-Weeks of Coaching at No Additional Cost!

Our services don't just stop at finding the right marketer for your business. 

We also offer a 10-week training program, HemonX, to ensure that your marketer is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their role. Our program covers the crucial mindset and savage mentality needed for your media buying success, as well as in-depth advertising theory and data analysis. Certifying your marketer in M.A.A.D. (Mindset, Ads, and Data)

Your new hire will learn how to think like a world-class marketer, how to correctly analyze offers, and how to develop advanced scaling strategies on platforms like Facebook and Google.

I've vetted this approach...

... to the tune of $3million/spend per month through my agency - Hemon Media. And I’ve doubled vetted it by running this strategy for other businesses on your newsfeed, like:

Cole Gordon

CEO of 7-Figure Selling Academy

Eddie Maalouf

CEO of 4Media Marketing

Dan Henry

CEO of GetClients.com

Tanner Chidester

CEO of Elite CEOs

Colin Wayne Erwin

CEO of Redline Steel

CEOs of Shopanova


Joshua Johnston

CEO of Hydra Consulting

Austin Hauge

CEO of Austin Hauge Fitness

Ryan Stewman

CEO of Apex Entourage & Phonesites.com

Anatolii Labinskyi

CEO of Golden Stream Media

Trevor Larsen

CEO of True Freedom Marketing

Nolan Fisher

Head of Marketing at Outsourced Doers

The following might make you M.A.A.D. 

Your M.A.A.D. certified marketer will improve efficiency, increase your own client LTV, and accelerate ANY ad campaign you run by going MAAD. 

Not literally of course. Instead, it stands for a 3-phase approach that turns any marketer or marketer… into a full-stack marketer without any of the setbacks.

Mindset →

Mindset →

Let’s face it, media buying is a TOUGH job. And performance marketing will quickly separate the wheat from the chaff. Our goal here is to get your marketer operating from a consistent base so that your performance is consistent. We’ll spend more time here than elsewhere as we instill high performance functions. Really, we want to get your marketer's decision-making and execution aligned with your gut, brain, and heart. That’s a repeatable process they can rely on.



Ah, the place where everybody else starts. But it’s just the middle of HemonX. So what’s the hack here? Honestly it’s psychology and sociology. We study crowds, and that’s why we can scale ads faster. We’ll train your marketer to delve into copy, funnels, and strategy by reverse engineering a successful launch strategy. Then help them work through each in granular detail so it’s repeatable and scalable process.

data →

data →

No, no - your marketer doesn't need a Ph.D in statistics, nor an MBA in business, but they will need to know their numbers, rules, and spreadsheets. Our goal is that your marketer can read and respond to data that allows them to make future decisions that have positive ROI effects in your business. Advertising can be like predicting the weather. So we’ll dive into decisions, rules, and mental models that help them read and build the path ahead.

Our Team of Experts Work With & Train Marketers All Day, Every Day. We Want to Help *YOU*

Ashton Shanks

After managing over $100M in advertising spend for companies like Google, Dell, Clickfunnels.com, Jay Shetty, Traffic & Funnels, Redline Steel, Tanner Chidester, Dan Henry, and many more, Ashton developed the nickname, “The Paid Traffic Savage.”

Isaac Tobelen

After surviving the crucible with Ashton as an intern at Traffic & Funnels, Isaac has worked alongside Ashton since day one at Hemon Media Group. Isaac oversees and manages over $1M per month in advertising spend. He’s our COO at Hemon Media.

Stephanie Marie

Sr. Recruiter
Stephanie serves as Hemon Media Group’s Sr. Recruiter, dedicated to finding and vetting the best media buyer talent for our Agency and our clients.

As a longtime veteran to working with media buyers in various DTC brands and ad agencies, Stephanie knows the exact blueprint for finding and vetting world-class talent.

Jonathan Greene

Head Media Buying Coach
Jonathan Greene is a media buying "OG" - and in his career, he's spent over $50M in ads across Facebook™, Google™, YouTube™, TikTok™, and more. He is the Head Instructor of HemonX, responsible for training up the next generation of media buying savages. He's written three books, managed media for hundreds of brands, and is responsible for developing the "direct response conversion heuristic," which is a systematic approach to improving any conversion activity.

Lee Thompson

Head Copywriting Coach
Lee is a grizzled vet in the art of direct response persuasion, who’s a master at transferring the thoughts your market NEEDS to hear, onto a page for maximum response. He’s done this at every level of the funnel, and won in the most competitive environments a copywriter can face. He’s worked with everyone currently all over your newsfeed, and will produce hooks, ideas, and samples with you on call that will make your jaw hit the ground.


into writers...


into thinkers...


into strategists...


into outright leaders...

My Promise to You...

Whether you need a marketer to fill an empty role at your company or you want to have this person take media buying off your plate so you can focus on higher leverage activities, you will walk away from this journey confident that your advertising is in better hands than ever before...

Hold me to that, because I’ll guarantee your journey with us from start to finish. 

Just use the button below to go to the next page and schedule a discovery call with our team, and work through what our process looks like and if Hemon Staffing is right for you!

Let's Book Your Staffing 
Exploration Call!


3 Questions to Consider Before Our Call...

on our call, we will review these three questions with you so that, if you decide to move forward with our marketer placement services, we can better find you the PERFECT marketer for your company.

  • Question #1: What are the main character traits you would use to describe a rockstar employee in your company? (Curious? Aggressive? Detail Oriented? etc)
  • Question #2: If you hired a marketer, what would they have to do within the first 30-60 days to make you say, "WOW! This person rocks"
  • Question #3: How would you describe your culture at your company? Are there certain personalities that *don't* work well within your company?
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